What is Life Coaching?

These are questions I am frequently asked:

  • How is life coaching and counselling similar?
  • What can I provide you as a life coach?
  • What can you expect from a life coach?

How is life coaching and counselling similar?

Coaching can be done over the telephone or face to face.  It allows you to be proactive and involved in the process.  It focuses on looking ahead! Coaching refers to your own experiences.  It involves dialogue rather than advice giving.  It is informal and forms a relationship between two coequals who work together. Where skills, experiences and perspectives are shared which may be useful to one or the other. Coaching is about stimulating fresh thinking leading to new insights by asking powerful, thought provoking questions. It empowers and equips you. It helps you find hope and develop positive, more optimistic, courageous and creative qualities in your life.

We are all accountable for the pitfalls that make life worth living; they help us find our purpose in life.

With counselling, there is value to being present with the person. This is why as a coach; I have offered it as an option. It is passive, focusing on the past or past traumas. The emphasis is on recognizing insecurities, anger and emotional issues. It focuses on the crisis and chaos that arise from the past. Counselling does not refer only to your own experiences.

Both have positive results and advantages, depending on the situation and the need. I am skilled in both and well trained in determining which is more beneficial to the individual, couple or family. They are similar but have their own specific attributes. Both relationships exist based on the determinant of the individual and the need.

Not everyone requires counselling, but everyone can benefit from coaching.


A life coach is a partner focused on accompanying and supporting you on an individual path as you explore and determine your destination of choice. 

I will help you get from where you are to where you want to be!

  • I am interested in stimulating a forward thought or movement, which propels you to take action and steps, which will help you make the necessary shift in your life. 
  • A coach helps you figure out what motivates you, your personal needs and values while they encourage, support, and provide hope while helping you establish a personal vision.
  • They provide tools that promote change, and encourage the development of new habits.
  • A life coach provides awareness of your past and present life, without giving advice, but allowing you to determine your own destination. This will bring a profound positive impact in your life!


  • We will have an initial session where you and I will get to know each other and connect. From that session, we will discuss follow-up sessions where you and I will determine the areas of concern troubling you which may be preventing you from developing new ideas, moving forward and recognizing future possibilities. 
  • Sessions are scheduled around your schedule.  You can request a day,time and frequency of meeting: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  
  • Sessions can be held in person, over the phone, using Skype or Google Chat.
  • You will get a coach who is invested and connected to you.
  • I provide you with tools to help you develop new ideas and possibilities. I will guide you in finding the right answer and path for your life, specifically.
  • As a strong advocate for individuals' lives, I am proactive in finding strategies and interested in helping you determine hardships.
  • All meetings are confidential.
Why wait until you are in chaos?


  • How important is your Life?
  • Are you searching for new opportunities?
  • Are you wishing you had an adventure?
  • Is your life chaotic?
  • Are you tired of all the commitments, demands and stress?
  • Do you feel like you live in a whirlwind of schedules and a lack of energy?


To empower people in their journey to make life changing choices by bringing awareness through instruction and exploration of their family dynamics.


An enlightened person doesn't ask anyone to believe anything. They simply point the way and leave it to the people to realize it for themselves!

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