Career Coaching

Are you looking at a future promotion or looking to enrich your career with new skills, but not sure where to start? I can help you equip skills to help you in your work environment and in gaining positive teamwork.

Career Change:

Are you looking towards a career change? Maybe you like to explore a new career choice or looking to find a better place, in which you are motivated and encouraged, while living out your life passion.  You could be looking for work that is challenging and aligns with your life values or simply a successful transition from one job to another. Using tools and activities, I can help you gain consciousness of the impact transitioning careers has on the individual and family.

Peer Pressure/ Workplace Bullying

Perhaps you are experiencing some peer pressure from colleagues or you feel bullied in the workplace. You feel lost, are having trouble making decisions and you aren't sure how to move forward in this situation. I can help you build skills to work on moving you forward through this hard situation.