"We went to Debra for couples coaching. She is caring and a good listener. We appreciate her guidance and professional support. She helped us to be aware of our issues and my husband and I were able to bring about our own resolution in a short time."

- Kathleen A.S.

"I want to thank you for the coaching. For the encouragement to move on with being happier in my Life. And the acceptance of what happened in the past. Now the wheels are in motion. To accept that I am a good man."

- Eddy

"I worked with Debra through some very personal and emotional baggage from my past. She connected with me where I was. She was always there with a smile and encouraging word. I love that Debra is not afraid to speak the truth."


"I met Debra 2 years ago, when my daughter was less than 1 year old and a victim of emotional violence. She listened to me with full attention and compassion. She has helped me to think outside the box regarding my goals and action plan to meet those objectives.

Our meetings have impacted positively my life, since I am now happier, empowered and full of joy and hope. I will recommend her to more friends."



Copywright © 2016 Debra Lavigne