Medical Change/ Caregiving

Personal Medical Change

Life after a medical change is a time of major transition. I want to guide you in a positive direction, as it is a time of fear of the unknown. Being honest about how you feel and what you are experiencing will help me bring you on a path to discover your authenticity. I will help you determine what is a wise choice, at this present time, for your life. It may be going back to what you left behind in a different format or moving forward into bigger, better challenges. I went through big changes, with my own medical condition, which took time and effort with little encouragement or support.  Let me support and guide you through this transition as you move forward from this major change.

Illness of a family member (Caregiver)

An illness of a family member can turn their entire family upside down, as the family pushes their passions and dreams aside, to focus on the member who is ill. Every family member needs a life they look forward to in order to bring positive energy. Feelings of enjoyment, happiness, value and purpose are very important and prevent resentments from building. Let me give you the tools to help you cope with these changes and still be able to move forward in your own life.