• 5-7 minutes of meditation  (2X daily)
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Eating foods high in magnesium
  • Going for a walk
  • Drinking black tea
  • Listening to relaxing music
  • Laughing out loud
  • Chewing a stick of gum
  • Eating happy meals – foods rich in Omega – 3’s
  • Try Aromatherapy
  • Little changes for big results
  • Spend time with your pets
  • Find a room or space with a view


Some stress is unavoidable. It can be managed   and we can be de-stressed by the way we think about it! By changing our beliefs and attitudes we have something to gain. Much of the anxiety and tension drains our energy simply by our belief that tasks need to be done. This recipe can minimize stress and facilitate healing! Attitude is the most important choice we’ll   ever make because it affects everything you do in Life!


Fall is upon us and reaching its peak!  As I watched the colors of the leaves on trees change overnight to bright Fall colors of orange, red and yellow. It brings memories of how significant the sounds and visuals are to remind us that change is around the corner. The beautiful colors suddenly surrounding us everywhere as we look across the sky and valley. The warmth, fall colors bring, the sound of rustling leaves in the streets, across lawns under our feet!  The chill in the air and a desire for warmth and comfort.  Our ever-changing environment, brought on by, the changing of the season. This familiarity brings us comfort because on one level we know what to expect. On another level there are adjustments that need to be made. It is the moment we realize we are capable of managing change!  We have experienced it year after year the familiarity of it manages to ground us preparing us for a new season.

Change in the natural world is subtle but relentless; seasons give way gently to one another, but the monthly motion is so swift we don’t realize we are moving. When the leaves start turning colors, it’s time to turn over a personal new leaf.

Change happens to us every day. We are changing constantly.  And so are the people around us. The changing season brings a desire for routine as summer ends and Fall approaches.   School begins, scheduled activities, the idea of taking on a new hobby, a new exercise routine for better health or just the idea of a changed routine welcomes new experiences.

For some it is time to start anew! It brings organization and a new found fulfillment with the ideas of new beginnings. For others it may be a time where they fall back to familiar patterns of experiencing less energy, fatigue, old habits they would like to change. Or have considered changing in the past.  Shifts in attitude with complacency, the feeling of being too tired or just wanting to hibernate.

The key to all success is changing our habits!  We are creatures of habit. We reinforce them over time. As we find ourselves repeating them, they become a part of us. They are part of our identity, and our character.

We crave familiarity, that is recognizable and predictable.

Have you ever asked yourself; “why is it, I keep falling back?” I can know I want to move forward, yet it feels like a slippery slide. It actually takes practice! A new habit needs to be repeated and practiced to bring about change. To change our dietary needs, we need to practice it for 21 days to be successful!

As a Life Coach, it is my intention to have your back. Support you in your new endeavors. Support you if you slide back, help you find solutions and tools that will keep you motivated and moving in a forward motion. I will be present when it is difficult, challenge you, guide you and help you work through what  is standing in your way.  Figure  out what is making it so difficult. Help you see that any goal you dream of is a possibility.

Everyone has positive habits and negative habits. We need both for balance in our life! And because we are human they are a part of us!  Bad habits get most of the attention which reinforces them.

 Good habits lead to success. They are established in many areas of our lives. Playing a sport well, cooking, writing, decorating, taking a course, using our creativity and imagination are all positive aspects of Life. Winning habits will form automatically if you practice good habits. Like attitude, habits can be changed!

By being committed, disciplined, having concern for others and integrity;

Attitudes can be changed! Habits can be changed!

“The kind of life we want depends on the kind of people we are – on our character.”

                                                                                                                    Robert Bellah

 It isn’t what we have, or the techniques we use that make us successful.


What makes us successful in change is  …  who we are!


You may be wondering. Why hire a Life Coach? Life seems to be moving along fine and everything is alright! Except for suddenly when you are experiencing a wave of stress, upset stomach, headache, inflammation, sheer exhaustion or unexplained sudden food addictions!  Ever think there may be a connection to what goes on in your everyday life? The fatigue you are experiencing, low energy or anxiety in certain situations?  Sudden behaviour changes or mannerisms that bring on an unexpected reaction within yourself or in certain social settings?  It may have nothing to do with you waking up early, feeling fatigued and going to work every day!  It may be that or it is about how you choose to go about your everyday life routine!


It may have something to do with learning how to relate to people effectively, building clearer, congruent   communication skills or simply learning to think and see things differently, expand your capacity, find courage and jump into action! Getting free of self-sabotaging behaviour or free of destructive self-talk such as (e.g.  “Nothing ever goes right for me”, “Things will never change” ,  ” I don’t have any  choice”, “Why try”, “I’ll never succeed anyway!”)

A Life Coach can help you with areas in your life that jam up and keep you stuck.  Setting goals to move and get out of ruts allowing you space with clear thoughts that enable you to move  forward. Change your attitude, change negative talk to positive talk. Support you while you find the courage to take risks, build your confidence and find meaning in what you are aiming to achieve!

Build stronger friendships and relationships, learn to manage change effectively, find clear values discover and develop your true passions. All in an effort to find your life purpose! By building a clear vision, establishing clear, specific goals.

Encouraging you to take responsibility for your actions, provide the tools and support which allow you to be accountable and accomplish more!  Gaining the ability to be focused and on track, more efficient, more time to enjoy life, and reach goals quickly!  Come to realize how present situations, with new learning, and skills can bring you clarity, open your mind and be applied in the future.

If you are interested in developing new skills in areas such as leadership, parenting, coping skills with parenting, having a voice, money management, leadership qualities that further your abilities!

I am interested in supporting and guiding you on a new path in your Life!

 Copywright © 2016 Debra Lavigne