Make the choice to live your best life!

Move Forward, Find Balance, Transform & Explore

Debra offers coaching for everyday individuals, couples, families & children who are struggling and searching for strategies and support.


I am a certified life coach, registered social service worker and founder of Renew the Phoenix Life Coaching services in Ottawa.

I am trained to:

  • Empower you to find direction with clarity.
  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help you find balance in all aspects of life (work, family and social life).
  • And, based on your individual values and passions, I will work alongside you to help bring awareness and enlightenment to your life vision or dream.

Debra Lavigne


I focus on achieving positive change in behaviour by developing new competencies and skills. I provide coaching in all areas of life, including family changes, transition and career coaching.


To empower people in their journey to make life changing choices by bringing awareness through instruction and exploration of their family dynamics.


An enlightened person doesn't ask anyone to believe anything. They simply point the way and leave it to the people to realize it for themselves!

Copywright © 2016 Debra Lavigne